about helder

“Helder” is designed and produced within Japan.
All production is very simple, however they are modern and following in today's trends.
Moreover we care about quality of materials and pattern, so that they are comfortable as a standard of real clothes for women.
All they are basic, little bit classic, elegant, and high quality.

For about 20 years, the designer had worked as Chief designer
creating both men's and women's at some Japanese apparel maker.
And he started “helder” Autumun & Winter 2008.
The pattern maker is working as a freelance, in which many of
her patterns were integrated into the brand that were showcased
in the Tokyo Collection and many shops of famous Jpanese apparel makers.

We order some of our collections to Japanese tailor to use traditional sewing method for part of our production. All factories and tailors have excellent skills working with top crafts production that goes to Tokyo Collection and Paris Collection.
Planning, Material supplying, Sewing, Additional processing, everything will be done in Japan.
Luckily we could have those high quality circumstances of production.
We would love to introduce those excellent sense and quality to as many people as possible.

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